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Imagic Free Browser 4.0

Imagic Free Browser scans your computer for digital images and videos
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The Imagic 4.0 free browser is a program that offers everyone the tools needed to work with all of their digital images and videos. The software is capable of scanning a computer for digital images and videos within minutes and afterwards they will be organizing in a way that suits the user.

There are different viewing browsers to choose from, each with their own advantages. There is the Folder Browser and Tag Browser, which can be used to look for a particular image or video. The Calendar Browser displays the files by day, month and year, which is easy if a certain date is desired or the time frame of an image or video is known.

Imagic 4.0 includes quality enhancement tools that can solve common digital photo problems, like red eyes, orientation or underexposure. The Dark Room provides tools for enhancing photos while keeping the original image and also for exporting the finished images.

Panoramas can also be created with the Imagic 4.0 free program by just starting the function and letting the software find matching photos to use and stitch together. Sharing photos is also easily done with the program. The Imagic 4.0 free browser lets the user burn photos on a CD, send photos in e-mails and create slide shows or a web album.

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  • Many important features, and easy to use


  • Does not have all tools like a full version would
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